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2010, Sep 08

Mute Mac OSX from Smartphone (More Simply)

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Thanks to some of the great comments I’ve received on the last post, I’ve found ways to simplify the setup and enhance the presentation of the Mute OSX script. I’ve even written the script for you this time around!

Install the script

Head on over to this link on github and download mute.php. All you need to do is place this file in the Sites directory in your home folder.

Also, I’ve included an icon in the file. To use this, simply save the image bellow as “muteIcon.png” in the Sites directory.

Note: You may need to enable PHP. I’ve found a good guide here.

Okay, the script is in place. How do you access them?

First, you must make sure that you have Web Sharing enabled by opening the Sharing panel in System Preferences.

Sharing System Preferences panel

Once this is enabled and you are on the same network as your Mac, you will be able to access the script from your mobile phone by going to the following address in your web browser


Here is the only “iPhone only” part of this post:

You can then simply bookmark the page and add it to your homescreen and you have a “Mute My Mac” button on your iPhone!

Any smartphone with a web browser will be able to run the script. Just bookmark the page for easy access.

Mute OSX from iPhone