In a day we spend around 8 to 10 hours at the office, sometimes even longer. It has become a second home for many of us. Therefore, just like a home, an office needs a serene and healthy environment, as it is vital for motivation, performance and productivity.

NCL VEKA uPVC windows & doors address these concerns and help create a peaceful and comfortable environment at the workplace. They provide high thermal insulation blocking the external heat and cold, thereby also keeping the air-conditioning costs in check. They don’t just look great; they also block out noise (both external & internal), keep pollution away and prevent rainwater seepages. Unlike wood and aluminium, NCL VEKA windows are easy to maintain and it do not rust, fade, warp or rot.

NCL VEKA uPVC windows & doors offer enduring beauty and are also durable leaving your office interiors looking beautiful for years to come. Adequate safety and security provisions are possible depending on the specific requirements of the customer. From grills and toughened glasses to general and specific locking facilities- all options are possible with NCL VEKA.

I-60 Casement series from NCL VEKA is the right solution for offices. Not just for external windows & doors, but also for internal partitions.