For travellers and guests, a hotel is much more than a place to spend the night. It is an experience. Be it a resort, a luxury hotel or a modest B&B, a hotel offers its guests a place to relax, unwind and be pampered. NCL VEKA’s uPVC windows and doors are perfect for a hotel room as they ensure a peaceful environment, while enhancing the overall looks of the hotel’s interiors and exteriors.

NCL VEKA uPVC Windows are optimally designed for the needs of the hotel industry. Not only are they aesthetically magnificent and easy to maintain they also provide functional benefits that are required in hotel rooms such as insulation from sound, dust, pollution and rains.

With NCL VEKA, large wall-to-wall windows are possible with fixed and openable options. In addition NCL VEKA windows can be custom fitted with speciality glasses of varying thickness from 5mm (single glazing) to 24mm (double glazing) to improve thermal insulation and reduce the air-conditioning requirements.

NCL VEKA Windows by the very nature of their production are easy to maintain, in addition the windows can be specially designed for access to easy external cleaning reducing the need for periodic scaffolding/suspended platforms for cleaning windows at higher floors. For security reasons special handles can be provided that open with master keys limiting guests access to critical areas.

In addition to the standard white profiles, laminated windows are also available to keep pace with the overall design and architecture of the hotel.