What is the Maximum Height/Width of uPVC Balcony Door? (3 meter for VEKA using I-75)

Slide into comfort with VEKA style balcony doors

A primer on appropriate dimensions

If you have the luxury of a spacious balcony, it offers comfort in many ways. It can be used as a private space for the morning cup of coffee or privacy in the night to reflect on the day’s activities. A good balcony door lends the correct balance to cancel noise from outside.

What are the ideal dimensions for a maximum uPVC balcony door size for comfort, peace and privacy?

VEKA offers the maximum uPVC balcony door size for customers who love to engage in private conversations in their balconies. Being experienced uPVC doors manufacturers in India, we present a primer to understand the appropriate dimensions for sliding options.

VEKA offers the maximum uPVC balcony door size

Modernizing the balcony front

New age residences have widespread spaces. Short balconies have always been filled with flower pots and herbal plants. They can be made into a comfort zone to spend gregarious evenings or quiet mornings. With a seating arrangement, they add value to the living space. In summer or winter, the space offers respite. Sliding uPVC doors make a big difference with unhindered movement. They offer a safe environment after the lights are switched at night.

Depending on the type of door installation VEKA offers practical solutions.

Ideal dimensions 

Minimum and Maximum Width and Height of Doors


Width (Min – Max) Ft.

Height (Min – Max) Ft.

Casement Doors

3 – 3.5

6 to 7.5

Bi-fold Doors

4 – 15

6 to 7.5

French Doors

4 – 6

6 to 7.5

Sliding Doors

3 – 18

5 -7

Most uPVC doors and also windows have standard specifications of height, length and width. The dimensions are cross-checked before the profiles are measured for manufacturing. VEKA uses I-75 for 3 meters for customized creations.

Most uPVC doors and windows have standard specifications of height, length and width. VEKA uses I-75 for 3 metres for customised creations

The final creation adds up to:

  • Aesthetically built balcony doors.
  • The fixtures which are branded and come with warranty.
  • Usage of proper materials used for manufacture.
  • A standard quality is maintained with dimensions.
  • Doors which are efficient in all weather conditions.
  • Once they are closed, no noise or pollution enters the premises.
  • Proper sealants are used to secure them.
  • Good quality glass for lamination and fusion make it robust and durable. 

Why do balcony doors require specific uPVC sliding options?

Most entrances contain a minimum of two sashes for smooth sliding. If the height, length and width matches, the mechanism works perfectly from left or right or vice versa. The sliders are placed on the top or bottom depending on the dimensions. All customers do not have doors of the same ratio of L, B & W and sizes differ slightly. The installation is done parallel to the walls with one movable section. Customers can also opt for further customization when they order from VEKA.

The advantages are:

  • Insurance against radiation and UV light
  • Frame grills for better security to prevent burglars from entering
  • Accessories with multiple locking systems
  • Tough glass which is double glazed
  • Designs with 2 or more sashes for better sliding
  • Low maintenance costs

While sliding French doors are very common there are other varieties also available. They include bypass doors, fixed partitions and backyard doors. Customers prefer bi-fold designs if there is no space constraint leading to the balcony. They are versatile and open indoors and outdoors. While most people use this system for outdoor spaces, some use it for separations to demarcate living room and dining area. The panels can be made decorative to lend a beautiful appearance.

Come to VEKA, the experts who know what is most appealing to make balcony doors. With the right dimensions and measurements, you can enjoy the final results. Let us know what you have in mind and we can execute it to perfection.

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