Professional Consultancy for uPVC Window Installation in Cyclone Prone Indian Areas

India being a peninsular country is surrounded by water on three sides. All coastal areas are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. The South, East and West coasts are often ruined by strong gusts of winds, hurricanes and cyclones. They destroy property and homes each year and the cost of maintaining homes is high. Installation of strong uPVC windows for extreme weather is the first & only barrier for damage control. With professional consultancy, it is possible to use options that withstand destructive forces.

Installation of strong uPVC windows for extreme weather are the perfect barrier for damage control

VEKA exclusively deals with making uPVC windows and doors that reduce the cyclone’s impact internally. We also cover up as dust proof uPVC windows manufacturers for customers living in other parts of tropical India. If you live in an area where a full blown hurricane or cyclone occurs annually it is advisable to contact us for installing uPVC windows.

The following information can be your guide during consultations with our expert team.

How does rough weather Impact Windows and Doors Adversely?

Living near the coastlines offer fantastic views of the sea and ocean. But they are high risk areas that cost homeowners damage due to unsafe weather conditions. If coastal homes have strong windows and doors the collateral damage is controlled extensively. It is true for all risk areas where more than 110 tropical storms rage their fury across the world. The following issues are common for residential spaces that face the sea or even the apartments that have a closer view of the ocean.

We exclusively deal with making uPVC windows and doors that reduce the cyclone’s impact internally

Probable Issues Coastal Homes Face

  • Dust & grime of the sand enters window sills.
  • Fury of the sea during high tide lashes on the glass panes.
  • Sea spray is coarse and corrosive in nature.
  • If windows and doors are made of wood, they rot gradually.
  • When high winds are blowing, the windows rattle. If hinges are not good they loosen.
  • Sash windows are particularly prone to damage easily.
  • Bad insulation contributes to energy costs and hot & humid homes are not great either.
  • Adverse weather conditions also contribute heavily to compromise on safety of the home.

 uPVC Windows for Extreme Weather   

VEKA is a full service company that offers solutions to high rises that are close to the sea across India. The company has a professional team that does a recce before offering consultancy services or recommending uPVC windows to control damage. Our customers are able to frame the doors also according to the desired view despite the coastal climate.

VEKA is a full service company that offers

The Installations Come With:

  1. Replacements if required.
  2. Exclusive blend of energy products is offered which are long lasting and energy efficient.
  3. The team is accountable for the professional consultancy as fixing uPVC windows or doors can be expensive.
  4. We design, manufacture and install fixtures without giving any 3rd party surprises.
  5. Our team has delivered several windows in cyclone prone areas with the appropriate configuration and style required for the property.

Opt for the VEKA Difference:

If you live in a coastal city, there is a huge need to keep a constant check on the windows with the sea-view. Windows tend to rot easily and as they are connected to the structural frame, they may endanger the walls too. Since it is a serious problem, professional consultancy is a must. Our quality products combined with an expertise team offers the right protection. Strong winds damage the windows just before the onset of the monsoons. Our services are designed to secure any kind of window that you may have. We give customised solutions to increase the insulation with proper fittings.

Do you feel your windows or doors make a terrible rattling sound?  Do the glass panes shatter or get cracks? Why not get in touch with us today? Before the next storm brews, we could present the best solutions for the safety of your house.

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