How uPVC Profiles are Meeting Modern Home Decor Needs in India?

India boasts of several uPVC profile manufacturers for windows and doors. As uPVC material becomes popular, even international makers have entered the competitive market to serve discerning customers. The best uPVC profiles for modern homes dominate the urban landscape in our tropical country. It is no wonder that with advanced technology it is possible to produce customized windows and doors. They augment the thermal and sound insulation perfectly.

VEKA is one of the leading uPVC profiles manufacturers in India which uses high quality products to serve customers. With its dense network of fabricators, it is a preferred choice by many end consumers to meet their home décor needs.

This post clarifies the uniqueness of uPVC as a material and how it adds value to the new generation of windows and doors.

Why is uPVC trending material for windows and doors?

A tropical country like India, several regions are exposed to extreme temperatures. Either it is very hot or cold and it becomes essential to make homes which withstand the vagaries of the climatic conditions. In order to have a keen balance in temperatures all year round home owners are required to fit windows and doors that can offer the insulation. Currently, uPVC material is trending due to its resistance power towards thermal insulation. It directly reduces electricity bills in summers and winters. Its overall advantages are:

  • It is easy to maintain once the windows and doors are installed.
  • The material is long lasting and pretty durable.
  • Contains chemical erosion properties.
  • Can be recycled, hence good for the environment.
  • Lead-free and does not wrap up in extreme hot temperatures.

What is a uPVC profile?

In a uPVC profile the uPVC resin is the primary material. Added to it are pigments, stabilizers, fillers and absorbers for UV rays. The raw materials are mixed together. The next step involves shaping through the uPVC extrusion machine.

Take a look at the images of some window profiles to understand how they are created.

With the help of machines cutting, fusion welding, and other operations are performed according to specifications to make the frames. Once the skeletal structure is made accessories are added to them. They include sliding sash, locks, hinges, transmission gears, glazing bead and handles. The glass is used as per the thickness required.

According to the usage and type, there are different categories of uPVC profiles for windows.

VEKA produces the best uPVC profiles for modern homes and adds value to the investment.

  • Superior insulation
  • Improves acoustic ability
  • Static profiles for windy areas
  • Respecting the environment
  • Specifications according to home improvement requirement

Specifications and technical features of uPVC profiles made by VEKA

Profile width 60mm 65mm 70mm
Number of cubicles chambers 3 3 5
Number of gaskets 4 4 4
Glass thickness 5-24mm 5-38mm 24-42mm
Standard EN & IS EN & IS EN & IS
Heat conductivity coefficient 1.7 W/m2 0K* 1.5 W/m2 0K* 0.7 W/m2 0K*

*With Suitable Glass

As an experienced company doing international business, VEKA can help to meet your modern home décor needs. We take into account your budget, limitations and supply the best quality uPVC windows and doors profiles. Ordering at the factory price will ensure that supply is lead free with other good raw material quality. In the long run these profiles are cost effective.  We go a few steps further when it comes to installation.

  • We advise on the right frame for the door or window with precise measurements. uPVC windows need a gap of 5-6mm on both sides between frame & the wall.
  • Sealing the gap between frame & wall with weathering sealant.
  • Attaching the frame on the walls. Drilling is done with precise measurements before the mounting.
  • Our professional workers ensure there is no damage to other areas. 

VEKA, has sprung into action with some beautiful ideas that meet the exacting requirements of homeowners of today. As a tipping point of how they pull off installations and satisfy customers is a success story that few uPVC profile manufacturers in India are able to match. 

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