Design Principles of an Energy Efficient Home in India

Some of the hottest cities in India require homes built with new age insulating materials to stop heat. The combination of uPVC frames and double glazed windows remain a top choice for high-end customers. Environmentally supported window design for energy efficient homes is an upmarket trend in the country. With varying climatic zones prevalent, one distinguishing feature standing out is the choice of material to keep away heat, pollution and noise. VEKA is the top of the line options in the local markets by uPVC windows in India.

Environmentally supported window design for energy efficient homes is an upmarket trends in the country

VEKA offers the latest standards and design principles prevalent in Europe for windows and doors. How do the features merge or match with the variable Indian climate? Will sustainable design principles create the ideal temperature and improve living conditions?

Presenting a 5-minute takeaway informative post for architects, builders, and individual homeowners looking for trendy design elements. VEKA caters to each customer with varied uPVC double glazed window specification.

Advantage of Design Principles

  • Under ideal conditions the original design rules out construction problems
  • uPVC as a material resists heat and does not rot easily
  • Double glazed window designs assist in cross ventilation and lighting
  • Vertical window designs make interiors look larger
  • uPVC and double glazed combinations handle temperature flactuations and alarming electricity bills

Indian Window Vistas are Changing

Residents in urban areas are enjoying better window views due to the new designs. The consumers have a better standard of living along with comfort and luxury. Although there are multiple choices of assembling windows, the foremost need is to save electricity bills. Making a design more sustainable is possible with the introduction of new double glazed windows with uPVC profiles. Residential projects under construction across many areas are carried out with environmental-friendly materials and products. Such green building designs get approval faster from the local authorities and benefit homeowners.

Window installations in green buildings follow principles to avoid construction problems along with pleasant views. Currently, uPVC and double glazing assemblies are targeted for protection from all seasons. These luxury homes do not imbalance the ecosystem with excessive costs or bills.

Europe windows and doors

Addressing marked Design Principles & Applications

According to FPIS (Foam Plastic Insulation Sheathing) the windows are designed by – rain screen cladding, bucking, picture frame or the traditional method. Using either of the techniques, a double glazed window is installed in a high rise building, apartment or independent home. For high performance the installation process is compliant to the green energy building code and easily assembled. For proper application the thickness (of glass) is important for double glazing. It works with the combination of uPVC to stop heat from entering the house. The size and configuration, sill flashings and sealants of the window space influence the actual installation. All these factors are significant to avoid construction defects and serve the purpose.

Double glazing windows advantage with uPVC

Living in urban areas where nature is overshadowed by concrete jungle requires alternative and maintainable solutions. Double glazing windows with uPVC material is the most sensible option available in the market. Unless you are living in a quiet leafy lane, it is not possible to escape the traffic noise and air pollution. uPVC double glazing windows simply add the required health quotient for the home and occupants. The sound waves are stopped outside, and the acoustics do not infiltrate the home. Apartments facing the road require protection and soundproofing. With uPVC, the aesthetic element is not destroyed and serves the intended purpose.

Perfect Solar Orientation

Many homes are constructed as per Vastu principles. Windows facing the sun in the east bring in harsh UV rays. There are immense possibilities to apply alternative designs approved by people and the cosmos as well.

VEKA offers solid glass panes to work as a reliable noise cancellation barrier. The company follows all the energy efficient design principles for making their products viable.

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