Stay Comfortable During Winter with VEKA Windows

Winter is here and warmth is most welcome throughout this season. Windows are fixtures that create heartfelt balminess during the cold months. We recommend the installation of our double glass windows in your premises. Why? There are several advantages not only for winter but for the entire year round. Our glazing options address needs of homeowners in different climates in India.

Stay comfortable during winter with VEKA windows

VEKA has been in business for long enough to understand the important function of a window in a home. As the largest uPVC profile manufacturer in India, we possess the necessary experience to design and have knowledge to share with our customers.

How does the VEKA window function?

A window is not just a piece of square or rectangular glass anymore. It plays a critical role in making your home warm, comfortable and cozy. In fact, your choice will make or break the thermal performance and save electricity bills. VEKA window uses multi-chambered uPVC profiles which offer a U value of less than 2 W/m2K (lesser the U value, better is the insulation property) When combined with double glazing unit it can give still lesser U value. Fusion welded corner joints avoid leakages through joints. Especially in openable windows, the Insulation properties are further enhanced by weldable TPE gaskets & multipoint locking hardware which completely seal the gap between Frame & shutter. Along with keeping the cold outside it also helps in keeping the sound outside. There is an inert layer of argon or krypton gas sealed between them. With the vacuum barrier formed it becomes a poor conductor of heat. When combined with suitable framing materials such VEKA uPVC profiles. It does not allow crossing of heat from inside or outside. Hence, both heating and cooling are controlled. As a double glass windows manufacturer in India, VEKA offers the ideal benefits till the installation is done.

VEKA Double Glass Windows

VEKA double glass windows are air tight and insulated so that during winters, cold, pollution, noise doesn’t enter the house.

Advantages of Double Glass Windows

  • Cooler in summer and warm in winters. Provides insulation against ambient temperatures by 60% Improves heating system in cold season.
  • Lowers electricity bills. Functions as surrogate air conditioning Nearly 75% of sun rays cannot enter in the summer heat thus reducing the bills.
  • Reduces condensation. Moisture accumulates in old homes. The wood around decays faster. Double glass provides a platform to stop condensation from spoiling the frames.
  • Reduces Noise as the noise is blocked. People living in road facing homes require this window system for peace of mind.
  • Protects household artefacts exposed to the sun. The furniture, carpets and wall decor do not fade with sunlight entering as the harshness is quelled.

The best double glass windows for homes in India offer other advantages too. Various valuables remain protected in rooms where the sunlight remains for a longer period. Laminated double glass is good for security as in homes on lower floors cannot be broken in easily, it also improves sound insulation. During consultation, we can explain why they will be right for rooms facing the road.

All (Insulated) glazing units are made in factory in controlled environment & not just by joining two glass panes together at site.

Talking about it to the window supplier will throw light on this issue and solve it.

The Winter Protection

Both doors and windows are an ideal source of ventilation for a residential premise. But in winter they need to be shut to keep the home warm and cozy. A double glass window pane offers better insulation. Installation just before the season begins offers you the best deals for replacements. When you are opting for this window system try the VEKA advantage. Its overall benefits are:

  1. A brand to reckon with in the domestic and international market.
  2. Network of channel partners across India for installations.
  3. Your home will be safeguarded in all climatic conditions.
  4. Choose from different styles which suit your specific requirements.
  5. Our technicians are trained with German engineering techniques to provide consistent quality work.
  6. We select the best raw materials for manufacturing.
  7. The window specifications are on par with international standards.
  8. We partner with fabricators who match our values and mission towards serving customers.

VEKA is the best in handling large requirements

Are you looking to enhance the resale value of your house? Double glass windows can be an asset for this reason. However, if you are looking for peace of mind for many years to come then choose VEKA’s double glass windows. With astute German engineering skills and a large network of fabricators across the country we are the best in handling large requirements. NCL VEKA has a capacity to manufacture 24,000 tonnes of profiles every year which can approximately meet the requirements of 3,00,000 homes. We conform to exacting European standards to stand the test of time.

We are listening to your needs and assure you of the warmth this winter with our windows.

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