How do arched uPVC Windows Impact your Home Design?

There is no doubt that arched windows add a soft edge to a window design and create great impressions. Being versatility they also bring a touch of modernity in traditional door styles. Arched shapes complement both fixtures in several ways and are also known as radius windows. Architects modernise them by creatively tweaking the design. Today’s homes and commercial spaces, especially, contain uPVC arched windows that are oval, in full circle or elliptical-shaped. Some are also shaped in quarter-circles or half circles.

Contain uPVC arched windows

If you are trying to attract attention towards your well-designed villa that has an arched window, then why not choose the best uPVC arched windows suppliers in India like VEKA. Our technology is well advanced to create excellent designs and we regularly collaborate with architects, fabricators and contractors to create them.  

Focal point of uPVC Arched Windows for Villas

Windows will always be important for any home: it does not matter if it is a luxury villa, apartment or a colonial bungalow in a leafy lane. Modern homes look great with arched uPVC windows and entry doors. The curved shape provides a unique characteristic from the exterior and inside. It creates a decent impression when the sunlight filters through the day with the glass reflecting inward. From the interior perspective the arches need not appear medieval but modern! By use of the delicate round shape and soft edges they illuminate stairs leading upstairs in a classic villa. Elegance is a hallmark of several such independent villa properties.

With the help of uPVC arched windows suppliers in India like VEKA several homeowners have added lustre and value to their properties.

How does VEKA transform simple windows into Elegant Structures?

We take you inside our factory where the arched windows are made as per requirement of a customer.

The making process is governed by:

  • uPVC profile cutting
  • Checking for pressure balance holes
  • Drilling process
  • Making slots for hardware installation
  • Reinforcement steel and cutting
  • uPVC profile bending & welding
  • Window frame corner and cleaning
  • Sealing strip insulation
  • Installation of the accessories and hardware
  • Glass installation
  • Quality inspection of the finished arch window
  • Packaging & warehousing requirements check
  • Final mounting at the customer’s home

Modern homes Arched uPVC windows

Creating drama with Arched Windows

Since this design is characterised by a distinctive shape, the style is dramatic and functional which is the primary requirement. How do we achieve this successfully? Our technicians and consultants work together with you. For example, the height and enlargement details are measured at the job site. We blend the windows and door frames equally so they offer an aesthetic appeal and not just create a stand-alone effect. The functionality is not lost by keeping the light filter openings for better ventilation. Personalised designs are created to make the villa property look like a unique home. The right uPVC material and glass is used during the manufacturing process.

Ideal for Heritage Homes

Arched windows retain the old world charm of any heritage home. To make it appealing to modern tastes a pop of colour adds depth to existing features. The old hardware can be replaced with better sliding movements for windows. An option like allows the fresh breeze to permeate with a simple horizontal movement. Quick open and shut options work well also to keep noise and dust outside.

Consult our experts for guidance related to the locking system for security. VEKA has been in this business for many decades and keeps introducing new trends of window systems. Are you ready to ‘arch out’ to our team to transform the way you will look at the outside world?

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