Are uPVC Windows the Perfect ‘Acoustic Insulator’ for Recording Studios?

Yes. However, this requires a technical explanation in order to understand how it works. Audio recording creates the sound of music in professional studios with precise requirements like uPVC windows. The main control room and recording area is divided by a large rectangular window with glass panels. The heavy thick paned glasses serve as barriers so sound energy does not escape. 

VEKA, is a professional name in the creation of uPVC Soundproof Windows, as manufacturers with expertise. In our ongoing series to educate customers about our capabilities, we shed light on recording studios that cannot do without the right windows.

uPVC Soundproof windows for Studios

Soundproof Recording Studios

India is a country where both music and cinema dominate the psyche of its citizens. Songs are recorded daily; artists do dubbing or make albums almost every day. Even home-based musicians create a ‘soundproof space’ to stop loud music from filtering out to disturb neighbours. It is no wonder that in many urban areas the first choice is always uPVC windows for sound insulation.

Technical reasons why acoustic insulators are required by sound engineers are mentioned below:

  • Having loud monitors to check sound quality.
  • No leakage (of sound) in other areas of the recording studio.
  • Ensuring the microphone being used by the artist does not pick up vibrations to disturb the track being recorded.

Need to Integrate three Panelled Glass 

Any studio window requires thick glass. Hence, double glazed and triple glazed window fixtures are always recommended. When architects are developing the blueprint for fixtures they choose modern uPVC window systems. They contribute in giving a high performance and upgrade the recording levels. Hence, fixing the right glass material is important. Consultancy before the making process ensures that it meets standard studio requirements for high decibel recordings.

Choose the VEKA Pitch

As expert uPVC soundproof windows manufacturers, VEKA has the perfect pitch to offer sound engineers. We have a technical team that designs the products keeping in mind the most crucial elements like:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound reduction
  • Security angle

A standard double glazing reduces about 29 decibels. With the triple glass, it reaches up to 47 db. Fusion welded uPVC frames ensure there is no gap in corners of framing material. We use glazing techniques that conform to European standards. The bonding between glass panes ensures there is no sound gap. This is of particular importance to all recording studios. The thermal insulation improves as such places are cold so that the equipment does not heat up. The uPVC is integrated into the window frame for best results.

Our factory creates in-house profile extrusions that match your requirement. We source raw materials from the best grade vendors. Our uPVC windows are designed to act as heat barriers in the closed environment of a studio. We are responsible for choosing products that reduce the carbon footprint too.

VEKA uPVC windows

Minimise High Noise Pollution with uPVC windows

In India, urban areas are already reeling with high decibel noises. While the government approved decibel limit is 55 the actual levels exceed 79 in crowded areas. Acoustic insulators are essential in many studios and homes close to main roads. As the problem of noise exceeds during festivals, sound insulation is important for elderly and the pets.

We make double and triple glazed uPVC windows which are required for:

  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential apartments near noisy main roads
  • Music/recording studios

If you are looking for the best soundproof window systems for your in-house production studio, do let us know. We have experience in sustainable production methods.

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