uPVC Windows and Doors for your Kids’ Room: What should you Know before Installation?

Ventilation strategies are important in rooms built for children from infancy to teenage years. There are other safety factors and precautionary measures to be taken when children remain alone in their rooms. What should you know about the energy requirements before installing windows and doors?  If you invest in uPVC windows and doors for the kids’ room it can make all the difference.

If you invest in uPVC windows and doors for the kids' room,

VEKA is considered one of the best uPVC windows and doors manufacturers in India. With German technology and expertise, the company has set benchmarks to create the ideal profile systems. If you are reading this blog, we presume you are interested in a home improvement project directly related to installation of new windows and doors in the kids’ room. Even if you run a childcare or nursery the following information is useful.


The physical environment where the child spends long hours is chosen carefully. It goes without saying that it needs to be spacious and airy. Good ventilation and safety features are the hallmark of windows and doors in such spaces in the home, childcare facility or nurseries. A properly designed window and door frame ensure right energies pass through the room dedicated for playtime, study or sleeping in the bedroom.

Which factors should you be focusing on?

  • All windows should be of a uniform size and shape. The same goes for the main door to the room and the bathroom. If you are blessed with a balcony, then a sliding door can be added for additional safety.
  • Both windows and doors are the primary source of fresh air, sunlight and scenery. Placed in opposite directions winds travel at an optimal level and provides cross ventilation.
  • According to Vastu, south-west windows let in the maximum UV rays into the room. Just in case the house has this directional opening then the right choice of uPVC windows and doors for the kids’ room is required. With the help of uPVC with suitable glass, the harsh sunlight is unable to enter the room. The doors facing this direction should have a threshold. Another key factor required in the child’s room is transparent entrances. If children are alone inside and even if the door is closed parents should be able to check on their activities.
  • The doors should open in a clockwise direction. You will need to teach your child to use it for opening and closing. VEKA’s trained staff ensures the installation is done in a way that the child is able to operate it safely.
  • Level of safety and security required from the window. In openable windows shutters are restricted to open partially only for ventilation. There are also special windows which open by five inches only to provide ventilation. Thereby it eliminates the risk of (small child) falling down through the window even if a grill is not installed. 
  • Special type of handles with a key can be provided so that kids cannot open them on their own. It is also possible to place the handles at positions that are accessible to children. 
  • Windows and doors lamination can be designed with wood colours that match the décor with the room.

The uPVC advantage

VEKA is considered as the best uPVC windows and doors manufacturers when it comes to re-structuring all other rooms. The most visible advantages are:

  • High performance and economical fenestration in the Indian market.
  • Thermally advanced reinforcements with structural strength.
  • VEKA offers various colour foils to make the entire dressing aesthetically appealing.
  • The company offers different exteriors and finishes to the windows and doors.
  • The colour stability and durability of the frames are long lasting.

VEKA is a well experienced

VEKA is a well experienced qualifier for home improvements with various kinds of customized choices. With consultancy, homeowners can consult us for specific choices when it comes to installing windows and doors in the kids’ room or nursery. We offer the best packages for both and create a bright mood in the rooms.

When you consult us we will help you with the following details:

  • Check out various designs that suit the room and increase its thermal performance.
  • Keeping the dust, noise and pollution outside is integral to the uPVC windows in all the other rooms.
  • The standard designs offer energy efficiency and block out the rain water.
  • We take into factor the wind load, aperture size and total insulation requirement.

Do let us know how we can make the kids room into a safe playground or a serene area for online studies.

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