Why Do Hospitals require Double Glazed Windows?

When a healthcare facility like a hospital is being developed, renovated or certain elements replaced or repaired, windows and doors assume importance. What role do they play in the healing environment? The best uPVC windows and doors for hospitals should minimize risks to patient safety. Certain window types create a home-like ambience for long term patients This holds true for mental care institutions and hospices which require double glazed windows.

Best uPVC windows and doors for hospitals

VEKA is an all-round maker for different types of windows and doors suitable for hospitals. We are also known for helping nurses and other care staff to contribute to the well being of the patients and people working in hospitals.

This post offers an insight to installing double glazed windows in selected areas of a large healthcare building.

Areas where uPVC Tilt & Turn Window Manufacturers are asked to mount double glazed windows are usually in: 

  • Private wards / bedrooms for male & female patients
  • Secluded rooms like labs
  • Comfortable spaces like receptions, lobbies and offices
  • Staff quarters for nurses, resident doctors and seniors

Double glazed windows provide benefits in these locations. Consultation and risk factors involved in the mounting of the fixtures should be discussed.

Reasons for Installations:

  • Stops violent patients from escaping from windows fitted with a good locking system.
  • Visitors cannot enter unauthorised areas where doors & windows are strong and durable.
  • Double glazed windows possess tamper proof material and hardware. They cannot be disabled easily. The infilling stops exposure to heat and flames.
  • They are resistant to chemical spills, scratches and abrasions.
  • Frames cannot be cut easily and window assemblies withstand pressures.

VEKA strongly suggests discussions with all facility seniors, security, management and treatment professionals before taking up any orders for installations.

How double glazed windows in Hospitals Work

Double glazed windows fitted in homes provide warmth, cancel outside noise and keep sunlight from entering inside. When they are made-to-order for hospitals there are additional reasons making them useful. These facilities work 24x 7 and require the best systems to run efficiently. A well insulated institution saves energy bills and is cost-effective to the owners.

Double glazed windows fitted in hospitals

Are window restrictors safe to use? 

A hospital is a public building and requires security inside out. A window restrictor ensures it does not open more than 100 mm, in the interest of patient safety and other visitors. In areas where risk, injury and falling are common, such restrictors are essential. In the case of hospitals lockable restrictors are preferred so that disoriented patients do not leap out or lunge forward. Planning with experienced uPVC tilt & turn window manufacturers who are adept at creating double glazed windows is critical. Create a visual transformation with functionality of doors that are needed to be used at all times.

Our proficiency in creating the right designs

Not all windows or doors are created equal. With several decades of continuously improving designs, VEKA has the right double glazed windows for modern healthcare facilities. We experiment to give value for money. Insulating is done by using two glass sheets which have a barely visible air-gap. A tint keeps the sunlight away. We test materials and frame for thermal competence. Certain hours of the day are busy in hospitals, our windows cut the noise to disturb seriously ill patients in the ICU ward. Today our products are used all worldwide in hot and cold regions and are known for high performance. 

VEKA tries to increase the value of your property, building or home by recommending the right fixtures. If you are looking for replacements, repairs or innovation in the existing hospital do get in touch with our team.

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