Luxury Options for Patio Doors in Your Villa

Having an exclusive villa is a luxury and is synonymous with good architectural taste. Such an independent property is likely to have a terrace, backyard and manicured garden. There are many luxury sliding patio doors for villa properties which add intrinsic value. To add drama to grand entrances and a well designed style, you should approach trusted sliding patio doors manufacturers

Luxury Sliding patio doors for Villa Properties

VEKA consists of a knowledgeable team which understands architectural styles of villa doors in India. As professionals they design precise openings for well-kept estate demands.

Popular Styles for Installation

  • Contemporary- clean lines and glass
  • Large entrances- hinged doors and focused materials
  • Traditional Doors- having multiple architectural style, formal and refined character
  • Farmhouse or country style- Making a come back with flexible options and durability
  • Custom moving entrances or openings- matching design preference for backyard, garden opening or terrace. 

Preferential uses of Luxury Sliding patio Doors for Villa      

While the front entrance to a home creates an impression, entries to rooms and areas add panache. They open towards relaxing areas like the garden and terrace. They have functional values like stopping mice, insects, pests and dust from entering inside. In case of a break-in or burglary (rare in protected areas) its durability provides security. Depending on the property, doors come in different types and sizes. For a coastal home the weather element is taken into account by sliding patio doors manufacturers before taking orders. As per location owners can choose materials offering energy efficiency, impact resistant-glass and sliding preferences.

VEKA consists of a knowledgeable team

Two Types of Glass Patio Doors

Many people love the effect created by sliding and French doors. For custom requirement suppliers fit multi-slide or bi-fold alternatives. The size and space for opening and closing the fixtures are considered.

Moving patio doors are created with uPVC frames with a track for motion at the top and bottom. One side can be fixed, and the other is flexible for movement. The French type comes as a pair. The door frames meet in the middle when closed. On opening inside or outside they provide unobstructed access or space for movement.

Multi-door options are better for bigger properties. For instance, a villa which doubles up as a hotel property in the country can have this option. Sliding patio doors manufacturers create the right design and type suitable for security, function and access.

Moving patio doors are created with uPVC frames

Bi-fold type also slides and sits on a single pivot track. One side is not stationary. It is accordion-like and is stacked together. This differs from the standard sliding style of opening. Not many people have this style but it is not an uncommon choice. The cost factor may go up for this door opening.

Materials May Vary

Glass panes are the finest materials that complement various patio doors. The surrounding frames can be made of steel, wood, metal, vinyl, aluminium or even fibreglass. For the sake of efficiency and heat reduction, products such as uPVC that reduce electricity bills are preferred.

As security is an important feature for stand alone villas, sliding trackers with locking systems are advised with impact resistant / security glass.

Colour and Finish

Personal preference for any paint or finish on interior rests with homeowners. The shades can either stand out or blend with the entire décor. Matching doors and windows with the similar tone and finish look good.

VEKA experts may even advise you to have built-in blinds for privacy to some areas of the home. For the frame, sizes and types do get in touch with us for best results.

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