Reasons Why Interior Designers Prefer uPVC Windows and Doors for their Clients

Interior designers are working on new trends that will benefit consumers in 2022. Windows and doors form an integral part of design themes and some signs are being introduced to highlight features of the latest window frames. There are strong reasons to prefer uPVC doors and windows. These are certain fixtures in your premises leading to permanent satisfaction.

How do interior designers blend uPVC windows and doors with the overall décor of the home or office? They work with the best uPVC windows and doors suppliers in India.

These are crucial elements that VEKA engineers focus on when they work with interior designers. Various consultations and choices lead to creating windows that stand the test of time. As pioneers in this business we present a few secrets that a designer or contractor can add to their arsenal to satisfy their end customers.

Benefits of designer collaboration with VEKA Engineers

Interior designers are always on the forefront of a residential design process. They are connected to architectural firms or work independently, and/or deal with vendors directly. Knowing about trendy designs is a priority to remain competitive. When it comes to fenestration needs, abundant knowledge to guide clients is important. Preference to uPVC windows and doors is a part of their key consultancy for new and repeat clients.

The most important discussions between interior designers, architects and window makers revolve around function, experience and performance before the installation.

A potential collaboration involves critical factors which will help the windows to stand the test of time. Complementary exterior and interiors are always eye pleasing. By hiring the right professional any homeowner is able to make the property a huge asset.

Secrets of appealing window frames

  • Visual representations: PPTs and photos. Opitimize services to create frames. Have a multi-disciplanry approach to installation.
  • Aesthetic cheat sheet: To create a balance between engineering and house owner needs. Provide experienced vendors.
  • Knowledge about building codes, construction standards: Using practical applications of uPVC windows and doors. Accentuating and blending frames with natural environment.

Designers have reasons to prefer uPVC doors and windows

It is a myth that interior designers are only involved in getting curios, furniture and fabrics to adorn spaces. Today, uPVC material is trending practically all over the world. With changing times and modern day needs, homebuilders look for innovative doors and windows, both essential elements of a house. They lend form and function to amazing interiors. Designers have reasons to prefer uPVC doors and windows because varied finishes and color palette allows them to run wild with their imagination. It accentuates blending with the natural environment. The functionality of doors and windows in the rooms are greatly improved.

Each domestic creation has inherent characteristic requirements. For example, a coastal residence overlooking the vast expanse of the sea will need French window styling for a picturesque scenario. A home in a tropical area will be better off with double glazed shorter casements to keep the inside cool. An art-décor luxury residence has exceptional doors and windows which the designer can enhance with right collaborations with manufacturers.

The right windows offer an uninterrupted view of the outside world. During summers blinds keep away the harsh sunlight. The best uPVC windows and doors suppliers in India like VEKA support the creativity of the designers by adhering to custom-made briefs.

The best uPVC windows and doors suppliers in India

Do you know that uPVC doors and windows have a shelf life of nearly 50 years?

They are popular choices for the following reasons.

  • Good substitute for painted wood or aluminum frames.
  • Effective for weatherboarding and as fascia or sliding frames.
  • Cheaper and cost-effective solution.
  • Low maintenance for many years.
  • Thermally and energy efficient for the Indian climate.
  • Available in a wide color palette.
  • Suitable for urban and rural home design and interior décor.

VEKA, is India’s renowned and trusted name that offers functional solutions for windows and doors made of uPVC. Their trained and experienced team of engineers’ conduct installations with precision. Professional interior designers often deal with our engineers for their clients’ needs. With astute German engineering skills and a large network of fabricators across the country we are the best in handling large requirements. Our factory has a capacity to manufacture 24,000 tonnes of profiles every year which can approximately meet the requirements of 3,00,000 homes. We conform to exacting European standards to stand the test of time. 

Let’s talk about your needs today.

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