Are uPVC Windows Available in Wood Colours?

Choose a wooden colour palette for your uPVC windows

Eco-friendly solutions for rendered properties

A pop of colour transforms a dull window frame into a stunning aspect for any home or office. Wood coloured uPVC windows change the entire aesthetics of a property. From staid neutral tones to bright shades, the choice adds panache to new design elements. Wood colours offers an eco-friendly and insulating characteristic to the window. Matched with the wall and frame, the appearance of any uPVC window finish visibly improves.

Wood colours offers an eco-friendly and insulating characteristic to the window

In India, VEKA brings the unique uPVC Wooden Colour Windows to add beauty to the overall décor of a rendered property. We offer quintessential solutions and ideas to enhance the positive vibrations of your living quarters. 

Determining Choice of Colour

In uPVC windows, colours are mainly laminated foils glued to the surface. The colour of the wall and window frame has to be a wise decision as it will last for a couple of years. Hence, once the choice is made, it cannot be reversed quickly. As people choose to work from home, contemporary styles are ruling the roost. For example, an off-white grey lends subtlety to the appearance on a uPVC Windows wooden finish. If your workstation is placed near the window, you can have an outside view without hurting the eyes. The wood effect is quite popular as it provides a good degree of insulation from outside elements. If the house has natural wooden elements, it blends with the overall appearance. The same can match the timber or the grain texture as an alternative solution.

Are these Options Expensive?

As a matter of fact, wood coloured uPVC windows barely add 15% to 20% of a normal framework. What works in its favor is it reduces heat bills by 30%. It is a clincher in the choice of the colours. Windows styled with the other properties of the external and internal elements tend to bring in ventilation and light to the right degree. A good example of this would be to have a dark shade of wooden colour in the kitchen windows. The airy atmosphere allows cooking to be pleasant, and the colour scheme is timeless.

Of course, in the long run, they are not expensive and low-maintenance.

Reappearance of Heritage Colours

Customers are opting for understated colours that do not require much cleaning. Some of the best uPVC Windows Wooden Finishes come in natural shades of trees like mahogany, oak and walnut. With the addition of the grainy texture, it looks authentic. Lamination is done as an alternative finish. Old heritage colours are returning to the urban landscape. Both homes and offices can sport uPVC wooden colour windows Manchester style of framework. It is a classic look that enhances new properties.

uPVC wooden colour windows

Benefits of a Wooden Tint Palette

The ultimate aim of installing wood coloured uPVC windows cannot be ignored. Decoding classic hues: White continues to be a bestseller. It easily matches with contrasting dark shades. They can be wiped or cleaned with simple soap and water. The feature of a uPVC wooden colour windows Manchester is ideal for the front entrance or a terrace/balcony full of green plants and potted flowers. The entire fascia is warm and welcoming at the same time. When matched with grey tones or dark shades of pink or blue brings positivity.

VEKA’s Best Seller TipAvoid white on white for wooden uPVC frames. The same shades will fade differently, and the look appears uneven over a period of time.

If you are making the paradigm shift in your urban, coastal or country property, VEKA offers expert solutions. Browse through our eclectic range of diverse shades of white, cream and other wooden textures.

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