Impact of High wall Thickness and Multiple Chambers on uPVC profiles

Today, the latest energy efficient uPVC window profile works as an advanced barrier for keeping noise outside and warmth inside. The older or first generation of uPVC windows required stiffness in the frameworks in order to provide warmth. Now it is feasible with installation of good quality thermally efficient windows. Get in touch with the appropriate uPVC air tight window manufacturer for it.

What works in favour of reliable manufacturers is the proper high wall thickness and multiple chambers such uPVC profile designs have. It is the major clincher in placing an order and a decent investment.

VEKA, is India’s leading company that caters to clients who require thermally efficient windows with correct sound proofing standards. We’d like to explain why our product lines are superior and meet customer requirements, lead market trends and comply with industry standards.

VEKA offer an environmentally-friendly and fire-resistant range of products and designs


There are diverse uPVC window profiles available in the Indian market. They are in demand because of their scope of advantages to make customers happy. Our technicians address various concerns with professional integrity, experience, expertise and industry knowledge. They pay attention to the high wall thickness and multiple chambers which remain the primary secret to any energy efficient uPVC window profile. Fabricators know that customers are not only looking for reducing entry of harsh sunlight but other alternatives to install such windows. We offer an environmentally-friendly and fire-resistant range of products and designs. They are highly suitable for high rise apartments or commercial spaces requiring such structures.

How do high wall thickness and multiple chambers create the right impact?

These two factors define the core strength of a window profile. It makes the entire framework tough and has optimised functionality. Earlier it was possible to get two different systems, one, which was energy efficient and the other which focused only on security with the help of steel frames. With advancement, new designs present best of both worlds: i.e. thermally efficient and security & strength: As thermal inserts make way for multi-chambers as an integral part of the fenestration. Currently, internal webs and spacing is fine-tuned to make it airtight.

Multiple chambers are created inside with symmetry to enhance thermal efficiency. It becomes a perfect barrier to keep the cold winds outside, nor does it affect the warmth of the premises inside. It also work the same way in summers to keep the heat outside. This is a big boost for habitats which stand in different climatic conditions in India.

If you need our services as soundproof UPVC sliding window suppliers

Along with the high wall thickness what you eventually get is:

Sound proof at its best

Urban areas of India do have problems with the sound of the horns and continuous stream of traffic. We all want peace and silence after returning home. This can be a deciding factor to choose uPVC sliding windows which is a one-time expense.

If you need our services as soundproof UPVC sliding window suppliers, we shall be glad to be of assistance.

Protection from extreme climate outside

Apart from cold, high winds, rains and dust do not enter the property. Such energy efficient uPVC windows can be installed anywhere in India. Small insects cannot enter the home. The newly designed features ensure the profile does not corrode or fade out fast.

VEKA doubles up as soundproof UPVC sliding window

Versatile characteristics for safety

With high wall thickness and different chambers, durability is doubled. It is versatile and difficult to break in. The varying thickness is controlled and adaptable as per customised requirements. This is an important factor for installations in flats at a lower level against any burglary.

VEKA doubles up as soundproof uPVC sliding window suppliers to several customers who require such specific product lines. The quality of high wall thickness and multiple chambers make us the preferred vendor in today’s times.

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