How do Insulation and the Right Choice of a Window Reduce Heat costs for you?

Keeping the air-conditioning on during summer is blissful. But once expensive bills arrive the nightmare is real. It is the time to manage your electricity bills and save up to 70% on costs. Energy-efficient uPVC windows reduce heat costs. Keep your cool with a few simple ideas related to insulation and window coverings. They maintain the thermal envelope inside homes and offices. For example, application of window films across double glazed panes blocks solar heat for most of the day.

Keep your cool with a few simple ideas related to insulation and window coverings

VEKA is one of the dependable uPVC window manufacturers in India. We assist our customers in tackling the hot season with pro-tips and information related to insulation and window coverings. Cut down electricity bills this summer. Browse the following information and get in touch with our team.

Pro-tips to Consider from Our Experts:

  • Key to insulate windows and materials used
  • Best options for window coverings
  • UPVC values

Key to Insulating Windows

If window fenestration is not right thermal loss is evident every season. To keep cool in summer, insulate fixtures, especially those which receive maximum heat from the sun. They are responsible for excessively heating the property interior. Repairing them is an effective solution and also inexpensive. However, double or triple glazed energy-efficient uPVC windows offer the best insulation.

There are accordion-like folding materials designed to keep interiors free from heating up and putting pressure on air conditioning. Insulation includes caulking, weather-stripping and spray foam to reduce bills.

Pro-tip: Take the advice of VEKA experts to understand the use of uPVC material in lowering costs.

Insulating Materials

As experienced uPVC window manufacturers in India, VEKA uses materials like uPVC. It is not just a window film that reduces the impact of heat entering inside. This material acts as the perfect barrier so that air and heat is trapped and yet continues to ventilate the space.

Today uPVC windows are available in many colours and designs to match the home decor.

Pro-tip: Installing uPVC windows will also keep allergens and dust outside.

uPVC Values for Windows:

  1. It does not absorb water or moisture.
  2. It is rot-resistant in the long run.
  3. No coat of paint is required. But if need be, they are available in various colours to match interiors.
  4. The entire fixture is easy to clean in any season. Just plain water & mild soap is more than enough for cleaning.
  5. Material is bendable and can be transformed into arches
  6. All window designs can have it for energy efficiency.
  7. Replacements and repairs are not required for many years. 

Double or triple glazed energy-efficient uPVC windows offer the best insulation

Window Coverings can Decrease High Billing

Window coverings have several benefits like minimising solar glare, improving ambient lighting naturally, providing privacy and making a space more comfortable. However, energy loss is dependent on installation, attachments and glazing layers. All these factors affect thermal performance.

Pro-tip: Operable window coverings are flexible and offer privacy.

Understanding Heat Cost Factors

Nearly 30% of heating is lost or gained via windows. The right window covering installation impacts electricity bills every month. When the season becomes cooler about 76% of sun rays fall on a standard double glass pane. Most windows are not operable and remain in the same position. Your choice of coverings should be guided by the amount of heat that will enter from a single direction. For example, in summers, direct sunlight hurts the temperatures inside. Window coverings should be kept closed during such periods. In winter they can be opened to allow the warmth inside. The use of curtains and drapes are essential depending on the prevalent season.

Not all uPVC window manufacturers in India like VEKA offer a wide spectrum of choices to insulate your home or office. You may choose a simple reflective film or go for uPVC for windows. Our experts can explain the difference and help you to make a wise decision this summer.

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