Window Guards for High Rise Apartments in Urban Areas

Wire mesh and glass are important components of window systems in high-rise buildings in cities. The wire mesh is also considered a ‘window guard’: a familiar term in Indian residential complexes. Why should you need one for your home? What difference does this combination make and are there any advantages with this setup? Window guards for apartment windows are essential and this post highlights its position for new installations.

Window guards for high rise apartments

VEKA constantly brings new elements to fortify its product value in the market. While making uPVC windows for high-rise apartments, our company focuses on window guards and glass types. If you are a manager of a residential complex, a contractor, or a fabricator this information might be in your business interest.

Role of Window Guards in Apartment Windows

In urban localities people travel to work daily returning home late evening. Leaving homes unattended for long hours exposes them to burglary and intrusion. In the case of apartments on higher floors pigeons are a perennial nuisance. Families with little kids also need a safety cover for windows and doors to ensure little ones do not stray out of curiosity. Adaptable window guards or wire mesh play multiple roles related to safety and security in apartments which are left empty during work hours. The use of wire mesh is an extremely useful option for customers looking for additional protective features. A window guard is very adaptable for fencing other enclosed areas like farmhouses and outposts to keep insects, mosquitoes and flies from entering rooms.

While making uPVC windows for high-rise apartments

Additional Applications

While making customized windows, the VEKA team reinforces the required shape for the apartment. In some parts of India, the mesh is also called grills which stop infants from climbing out of the window.  Direct consumers also include warehouse owners who require panels of window guards to secure the property. The other owners who benefit from this feature include gym owners, construction sites, prisons, manufacturing facilities to stop theft in the wee hours. In other countries window guard is a mandatory requirement for high rise apartments, storage spaces and commercial areas.

Important: Wire mesh is not required for designated fire escape windows in skyscrapers.

Security aspects of uPVC windows for high rise apartments also include:

Window guards that are in-built so they cannot be taken out by bare hands. Even the use of tools like screwdrivers and scrapers will not be able to remove the protective gear.

Is window guard a luxury only for wealthy homes and property?

If you look at the new trends of window treatments in the market today, this feature can be called a ‘necessary luxury’ for many homeowners. Indian cities have amazing high-rise buildings with multi-stories that have smart homes. Residents get a feel of the expansive city skyline when they spend time at home. Today the new treatment of window guard does not clash with the overall décor of the home. The same can be customized for the windows already installed in the premises.

Indian cities have amazing high-rise buildings

If you are worried that the wire mesh will sacrifice the view outside, we would like to differ in our perception. We do customized projects to help owners to get the best value of our professional skills.

If you are looking for a reliable company who can secure the window guards in your residential complex, do let us know your wire mesh requirements. We provide a free quote and advice to enable you to make the choice and we take care of the rest.



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