An architect’s guide to window systems for a Residential Complex

Can you imagine any architectural building without strategic openings for natural light and fresh air? One of the basic requirements for an ideal residential or commercial property lies in its window systems. There are extremely strong reasons why architects recommend uPVC windows for residential towers. Just as commercial spaces are known for their glamorous glass facades, homes with classic types for windows and doors are hugely popular in modern Indian cities. 

VEKA is a leading maker of uPVC windows for the residential complex and new age architectural designs

VEKA is a leading maker of uPVC windows for the residential complex and architect design for the developer. For decades we have been working with top notch realtors and professionals who appreciate the importance of appropriate fixtures.

This post frames some effective solutions to enable fabricators, contractors and realtors to choose the right window system through the eyes of an experienced draughtsman.

Overview of Designs

An architect can offer several options to retain the aesthetic value of the house. He takes into account the climatic, geographic region, energy efficiency, safety and beauty. The choice is unlimited for making frames and glass types. Double glazing is quite easily identified by its beauty externally.

VEKA offers various options for the architect to parse and join hands with our manufacturing team. It is an opportunity to present the perfect design with this key component.

Tilt & Turn Window

VEK - Tilt & turn window

How are different window systems characterised?

If you look at the diagram above, it is clear they are classified according to the operating system performance with a few common mechanisms. The glass type takes precedence for the uPVC windows for the residential complex. Skyscrapers with an impressive façade are attractive. The material can be double or triple glazed depending on the requirement. People may feel it enhances the contemporary look. But the actual functionality is connected to insulation from the harsh sun.

Top floors of the building are exposed to intense heat. The sunlight enters directly as there are no large tree covers towering above any skyline. Hence homes facing the east and south west tend to get UV rays. The architect will guide owners with the best solutions to choose a window system to control the entry of sunlight.

Why do architects recommend uPVC windows for higher floors? 

As a professional, the architectural designer understands the need for choosing a glass pane for the windows.

There are 3 different types of glass panes:

  1. Window wall
  2. Storefront wall
  3. Curtain wall

VEKA offers Window wall & Storefront wall options. The glasses are used with a framing option to match the structural system. They include vertical support for mullions suitable to the structure. Custom windows are prepared in factories and carried to the job site for mounting on multiple floors.  Vents are added to control climatic conditions like moisture, heavy winds. This incorporation augments performance of the fixtures for a long time. This is the very reason why uPVC windows are popular for towering residential complexes.

Beyond aesthetics and climatic conditions

Architects recommend uPVC windows for other sound reasons which refer to:

  • Regulation of energy during summer to save bills.
  • Insulation from noise and the wind. A quiet environment for the lower floors of the skyscrapers is desired by residents.
  • Double and triple glazed glasses are tough and not easily broken.
  • For some floors additional security measures (like fire escape) are added.

With the help of experts’ non-load bearing window types can be chosen by an architectural firm.

VEKA has a seasoned approach to meet demands

VEKA has a seasoned approach to meet demands of several residential buildings with heavy duty window systems. We create industry standards for projects by transforming the entire look of a structure. Call us now for your custom needs.

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