Configurations and Combinations Available in uPVC Windows for High Performance in India

An open window offers several possibilities like aesthetics, security, and ease of operation. Knowing the best type of opening makes a world of difference to the owner, along with advantages. Today, we open our minds and horizons to figure out modern configurations and combinations available in uPVC windows. They are high performing assets to any architectural edifice. Only a reputed uPVC combination window supplier in India offers the best designs. Before you even ask for a quote, check out the different styles and configurations which will suit your premises.

VEKA brings new dimensions for you to choose

As India’s high performance uPVC windows manufacturers, VEKA brings new dimensions for you to choose a configuration or combination appropriate for the structure. Read on to understand window openings in the following informative article.

Top 10 uPVC Window Openings

  1. Sliding
  2. Side Hung
  3. Top & Bottom Hung
  4. Tilt & Turn
  5. Fixed or Stationary
  6. Louvered
  7. Sliding & Folding
  8. Vertical Sliders
  9. Lift & Slide
  10. Tilt & Slide

Modern windows are configured in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be combined with materials like uPVC to add to the high performance. You can decide on double glaze or triple glazed glass types which suit your home. A homeowner usually goes by the price, size of the window and the material used to make it. Today, uPVC is the most popular choice due to its wide-ranging benefits in miscellaneous geographical areas. 

Today, uPVC is the most popular choice

As a popular uPVC combination window supplier in India, VEKA explains the popular types of windows several customers show interest in.

Sliding Windows:

In urban areas, this is the most convenient and practical option seen in high rise apartments. It is economical also because of ease of operation: sliding, in a single direction. They can have a single or double sash on the railing. This style occupies less space indoors and continues to provide optimal light and ventilation from the outside.

Side Hung:

This is a fairly popular style used in many properties. It has hinges on one end and a handle for opening at the other end. They are chosen for practical functionality and are ideal for temperate climates.

Top and Bottom Hung:

These windows have a horizontal axis which are configured on the top or bottom. They offer ventilation and fresh air. For safety reasons, these fixtures are not fully opened or closed. School classrooms can be fitted with this style as looking out is not important. When children are studying, they require fresh air to breathe and do not get disturbed by the environment outside.

Tilt & Turn:

The combination blends the side hung, and bottom hung styles. Such windows work well in areas where a multi-lock system is required. When uPVC Material is used, the installation also calls for sealing, insulation and noise cancellation. It can be opened safely during rainy days and also for ventilation.

Fixed or Stationary Windows:

This is one of the most popular styles, however they are non-openers. They allow light to enter through the glass pane. It can be combined with any other window type to upgrade its value and function. It is best placed in the eastern area of the house/office where the morning sunlight can enter. Amongst all the other configured types, it is the least expensive in terms of overall costing.  In high end applications it can be combined with glass with integrated blinds which eliminates need of curtains.

VEKA keeps in touch

As a high-performance uPVC windows manufacturer, VEKA has installed this configuration for several customers in India.

Window designs will continue to evolve and progress. VEKA keeps in touch with the latest trends to help people to choose the right type. If you still wish to know more about the window openings, do call us.

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