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Are uPVC windows available in wood colours?

Are uPVC Windows Available in Wood Colours?

Choose a wooden colour palette for your uPVC windows Eco-friendly solutions for rendered properties A pop of colour transforms a dull window frame into a stunning aspect for any home or office. Wood coloured...

Stay comfortable during winter with VEKA windows

Stay Comfortable During Winter with VEKA Windows

Winter is here and warmth is most welcome throughout this season. Windows are fixtures that create heartfelt balminess during the cold months. We recommend the installation of our double glass windows in your premises....

Design principles of an energy efficient home in India with double glazed windows

Design Principles of an Energy Efficient Home in India

Some of the hottest cities in India require homes built with new age insulating materials to stop heat. The combination of uPVC frames and double glazed windows remain a top choice for high-end customers....