Installation Services Expected from your uPVC Window and Door Manufacturer?

It requires trustworthy tradespeople to do perfect installations. If you are planning to revitalize your windows or doors, then it is important to know the services you can expect from a service provider. After making the choice of material and style, focusing on the uPVC window and door installation services is critical. To get the correct fittings, an experienced team is essential. 

uPVC window and door installation services

VEKA is one of the best uPVC window and door manufacturers in India. The company is a one-stop solution for installation services. If you are looking for a genuine team, then we are the best choice, as this post explains. 

The following steps are essential for a smooth fitting process of uPVC windows and doors.

A Survey of the Job Site

Usually, members of the service team take measurements and survey the number of windows and doors to be fitted. This is a mandatory step for all uPVC window and door installation services done by VEKA professionals. Without it, errors may occur due to incorrect measurements, and it has to be avoided at all costs. The key things to measure are the structural openings left for the fixtures and the surrounding areas.

Technicians will check:

  1. Will the dimensions fit well?
  2. Configurations and combinations required for uPVC window style.
  3. Does the brick work have any defects to cover?
  4. Are there any sub-frames to be taken into account?
  5. Will there be Architrave to be factored?
  6. Is there a square opening, look for arches for any specific window style? The diagonals need to be perfect for the mounting.
  7. For windows in which sashes are required are there any deep recess to consider? Are the windows accessible to operate manually/electrically

Best uPVC window and door manufacturers

The surveyor will check if the window style chosen by the customer fits the application. If there are existing rails for curtains, blinds or any other additional re-fittings, the same need to be discussed with the customer.

Process of Fitting the new Framework

The actual job begins with the new frames selected by the customer. As the best uPVC window and door manufacturer in India, VEKA employs trained technicians who bring along tools for the work.

  1. It will include aligning the windows properly & putting screws properly at the prescribed position.
  2. By checking the assembling parts and sealing them, the team ensures the moisture is not trapped. Silicone sealing stops moisture from entering.
  3. Drilling may seem easy, but requires precision.
  4. The fixings should not be over tightened as they spell trouble.

Best uPVC window and door manufacturer in India


This is a crucial step as it provides the maximum benefits for buyers. Casement shutters require glass to be tilted towards hinge side for better weight balancing. Weight of glass in sliding shutters also needs to be transferred to rollers under it.

  1. The area needs to be free of all debris and dust before panes are fitted.
  2. It will ensure that the ventilation and airiness is not disturbed.
  3. All the sides are trimmed for mounting the frame.

There are several other details that go into the uPVC window and door installation services. If you need our professional assistance, we shall be glad to clarify any doubts. You can trust us for providing all services related to uPVC window and door installation.


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