Benefits of uPVC Accessories and Hardware for Windows and Doors

Have you ever tried fitting a square peg in a round hole? If yes, there are problems and it can be a painful time consuming exercise. This is exactly what happens when your uPVC windows and doors demand replacement with hinges, handles or any other hardware requirement. There is no need to get unhinged and sweat it out. To choose the right hardware for doors and windows, contact a high-profile supplier who understands the needs of the consumer.

To choose the right hardware for doors and windows

VEKA brings uPVC door and window hardware accessories to your city. The benefits and right selection will ensure the frames continue to serve with minimal maintenance at the consumer end.

Key Benefits:

  • Replacing a handle on a uPVC window
  • Selection process of hardware
  • Door locks – multiple options

Replacing Hardware After a Long Time

If you have already installed uPVC windows, the change in any accessory after a long time shows how well the original has served its purpose. Trends keep changing, and current versatile options enter the market. A handle is used daily and often multiple times in a day. Constant opening and closing takes a toll on the handle and there comes a time when the old one is retired for an alternate. The quality of ironmongery and latest designs provided by VEKA offer quality uPVC door and window hardware accessories. A customer can choose a better designed espagnolette which lasts long. In the same manner, the multiple door locking systems keep the premises safer. The entire collection can be browsed online before making the ultimate choice.

Choose right hardware for doors & windows for the following benefits:

  • Easy functionality of the accessory
  • Maintenance – free
  • Meeting specification of the original frame
  • Continues to provide all uPVC advantages like keeping out pollution, air, heat, dust and noise
  • Support energy efficiency
  • Provide better locking systems for doors
  • Hardware should come with quality and endurance testing
  • Warranty of the product

Selection Process:

If you are changing the handles or hinges, look out for branded uPVC door and window hardware accessories. VEKA provides products that are also approved by European standards. Many customers in that region are satisfied with the quality and standards which stand the test of time.

Veka provides products that are also approved by European standards.

Ideally the replacements of accessories for uPVC doors and windows available are:

  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Friction stays
  • Door locks
  • Rollers
  • Threshold/door closers

Several brands are available, but a customer constantly looks for the benefits and overall functionality of the hardware or accompanying accessory. A good quality product will last for a few years easily. The material used to produce them include zinc-aluminium alloy die cast. Each brand possesses a different level of powder coating. These factors affect the pricing of the item being chosen. For example, take care while picking the hinges and handles for windows or doors. They are considered as the active heart of the frame’s body. Choosing an undesirable accessory will harm the door or window. The wrong friction spoils the functionality, and the material does not matter. Rollers can be made of nylon or copper but the key is to get the device working smoothly and the money invested is worthwhile.

VEKA provides experts who guide customers to choose the appropriate hinges and handles. They know the selection is according to the door vent or size of the window panel. In case you wish to replace an old hardware/accessory do let us help with the right selection.

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