Why should a homeowner invest in VEKA’s uPVC doors?

  The brand supports a green environment. 

The time has come for adopting trends impacting the environment positively. VEKA is known as one of the most reputable uPVC doors manufacturers in India, offering brands and solutions which support a green ecosystem.

The following information will help you in understanding why VEKA makes the best uPVC doors in Hyderabad. It is actively promoting sustainable brands across India with a professional network of installation teams. Usage of stable uPVC front doors is a stroke of genius toward long-term investment. Property developers, contractors, and architects interested in ecological options will find this blog of value.

uPVC D and Windows

uPVC: Eco-friendly alternative

People living in congested cities in India are already adopting eco-friendly solutions to reduce the negative impact on health. In commercial places, front doors bear the brunt of pollution, dust and constant usage. Homeowners also realise its adverse impact indoors. The drive to go greener begins with the home. With uPVC as the material of choice for creating front doors (and windows) is the first step towards going green. It keeps away dust and poor air quality from entering a city home.

If you still do not know, unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride is a raw material which is popular due to its lightness and insulating features. Its positive effects are apparent in the windows and doors of homes and commercial spaces. It withstands wavering climate conditions and protects the entrances. It comes in various colours and finishes, adding a lustrous finish to the front doors.

VEKA endorses

uPVC is safe for the environment because:

  1. The material adds top-tier value to any property. A strongly constructed front door gives the impression of safety and security.
  2. Daily rough usage makes it sturdy. It lasts long when fitted properly and hinged correctly.
  3. The material is lead-free, thus making it eco-friendly and a brand that uses it acts responsibly for a green environment.
  4. VEKA endorses the concept of green buildings in urban areas to minimize pollution, which is dangerous to health indoors and outdoors.
  5. This material is recycled when it reaches its expiry date. Other items can be made from wastage.

VEKA Brand: Custom-built front doors specific to the Indian climate

Various uPVC profiles of front doors are customized for Indian homes to withstand harsh climates. The thickness of the glass ranges from 4 mm to 34mm. A composite front door can be double or triple-glazed for privacy and protection.

Various uPVC profiles

Best uPVC front door types for Indian homes

As you get convinced about this eco-friendly alternative, we would like to add some styles that make a good impression with uPVC material.

  • Hinged doors. This model is found almost in every Indian home. The hinges are fitted for the front door to open outside or indoors. Many city homes have double front doors. The one outside should be made with uPVC material with glass. The French door pattern is suitable as it looks extremely elegant.
  • Sliding front doors. They are not very common in ground-floor But if you live in a high rise, it is an absolute delight to install them. Ideally, this type fits a front balcony or opens into a terrace garden. When it is double-glazed it will stop strong wind force from entering inside. If it opens in the small garden area, it keeps away mosquitoes and other insects.
  • French doors. They offer the best ventilation if you have the luxury of living in an independent property. It is the most impressive and sustainable option. Add a strong hinged and sliding operation for better functionality.
  • Bi-fold doors. They work well in compact spaces and offer the same benefits. The parts can be stac ked or folded if you have a commercial shop in the front and a home behind.

Interested in these above green solutions? VEKA can make them a reality for you. Let’s talk about it now.

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