When should you invest in Bi-Folding Door options?

Indian homeowners guide for uPVC doors

All homeowners love to increase their property values, and one option is to invest in bi-fold doors. These doors are installed to connect one part of the house to another or to create an element of privacy. It also works as a subtle accent within a room to create a partition. These are not the only reasons to invest in bi-fold doors. The process of buying is no longer tricky as manufacturers bring their expertise for you to understand the functionality and operations.

VEKA offers Indian homeowners this practical guide for installations to enhance the property’s worth. We are experienced and known as providers of premium quality uPVC doors in India.

Your probable considerations for bi-fold doors

  • Checking the space where installation is desired.
  • Are there any other ways to access the outdoors if this option is for the front entrance?
  • Will the space affect the movement of members of the family or pets?
  • Should the bi-fold match existing windows?
  • Is privacy required? With uPVC colour combinations, it can be achieved.

Technical factors

  • Where should the bi-fold sections/panels split?
  • Understand where the direction of the doors will fold?
  • Will the stack be placed outside or inside?
  • Measuring the dimensions and getting quotes
  • Bi-fold doors are made of two or more panels depending on the space available

To figure out these aspects, consult VEKA professionals who create premium quality uPVC doors in India.

Bi-fold doors

Reasons to invest in Bi-Fold Doors by VEKA

We have more than 18 years of experience making custom designs of uPVC windows and doors. Bi-fold doors are unique and serve interesting purposes for urban homeowners expecting value for money.

  • Due to space constraints, bi-fold doors are compact in narrow spaces leading to rooms. As they fold, the extra space can be utilised for something else. Opening and closing are comfortable due to stacking and sliding options.
  • Closet spaces become fairly accessible. In small rooms, closet bi-fold doors keep things inside and offer a clean exterior. Other door options take up space when open.
  • In case you need this option to divide a room, the bi-fold can be done from the top end of the ceiling or low threshold option can be used. As a room divider, it is sturdy and looks elegant. As other door types take up space in opening or closing, Bi-fold is a great choice.

If you are hoping to get the bi-fold doors to open into the garden area there are advantages too. The uPVC material adds beauty and functionality to the area. With the right hinges, the doors open in the direction you wish and let the warm sunlight filter through.

Disadvantages of Bi-fold doors

Just like other types of doors which have advantages and disadvantages, so is the case with this design. It creates a lack of threshold in the property. Without consultation, we cannot point out problems.

  • Without a threshold, drainage issues crop up like the pooling of water. It is advisable to rely on premium quality uPVC doors in India to explain before the job starts.
  • There is an inherent beauty with uPVC doors but at a cost when a premium brand is chosen. Look at it as a one-time investment for better value.
  • Only professionals can do the fixing of these doors. Independent contractors make mistakes. Rely on manufacturers for best results. VEKA has a list of approved installers who come under our Indian network.

uPVC bi-fold doors in India

VEKA is known as a market leader for uPVC bi-fold doors in India and also in other countries. Our company offers innovative solutions that work for Indian homes. If you wish to elevate your lifestyle, do let us know. We will suggest the most elegant upgrade to increase your property value.

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