Why install a uPVC bi-fold door leading to your pretty farmhouse garden?

Tips through the looking glass from VEKA experts. 

Gardens are a pretty sight in farmhouses in semi-urban India. It makes no difference whether they are the size of a stamp or magnificent sprawling manicured lawns. This is a super slice of the home that attracts everyone at any time of the day…  open the door and a paradise unfolds in front of your eyes. Which door type should ideally lead you to the farmhouse garden? We will explain the reasons for choosing bi-fold doors.


VEKA experts often get inquiries regarding the installation of various types of doors. As experienced bi-fold door manufacturers in India, we understand which one will be the best for individual needs.

Choosing bi-fold doors

Why bi-fold doors?

A: uPVC entrances add a touch of class to maximise space and the luxury of enjoying the ambience in any season. Are you already thinking of a budget to install it? Before you make any decision, get insight first.

What you should know about uPVC bifold doors

This door type is made of multiple panels which can be folded or stacked. They allow people to pass through a particular section easily. Once the purpose of moving is accomplished, they can be closed as a single unit. They are also called concertina doors due to the closing and opening style. 

If you are very sociable, love the outdoors and organise gatherings at your farmhouse, then this is the perfect opening with a generous flow of fresh air.

These entrances, leading to the garden or front of the property, make a style statement that cannot be missed. It is added as an extension when an architect designs the house. People who have the luxury of farmhouses like to drive down during long weekends or summer. VEKA offers lightweight concepts and uPVC materials to enhance the time spent away from work. The bi-fold door system is insulated and offers cooling for stationary spaces. Even if you are looking for a smart upgrade to an existing property, it is one of the good reasons to choose them. They are practical and, once fixed in the right space, they are eye-catching. They look elegant when considered for private bedroom openings in the home.

If these factors appeal to you, consider VEKA Bi-fold door manufacturers in India for making this dream come true.

The following points will help you to understand why we are the best in the country to meet your farmhouse requirements.

Our professional technicians focus on several things as part of the consultation.

  • Materials for making the bifold doors
  • We help you to decide if they will be top or bottom rolling
  • Threshold for doors leading to the garden
  • Consider opening them in or out?
  • Understand problems if there are any before making the choice
  • How secure will they be when you return to the city?
  • Curb appeal and aesthetic value for the property

We make bi-fold doors on demand and customise them as per the requirements of the farmhouse. Our professionals can build a nice glass wall finish in different colour schemes for our clients. We also install them for the interiors of urban homes as well.

Bifold door system

How do bifold doors operate?

Panels are important in creating the bi-folds, and to operate them, top-rolling or bottom-rolling mechanisms are added. A top-rolling system hides the mechanism for its movement whereas bottom-rolling system gives better support to door panel. Low threshold option is also available which can be put below floor level to avoid obstruction while moving in & out of the door. This type also attracts fewer bugs and is low on upkeep. There can be two or more panels/sections depending on the space available. The materials used include uPVC frames and sometimes aluminium. The uPVC frames are more popular as they withstand the vagaries of any season. Double-glazed options also provide good visibility of a garden area and function as protection from sunlight during midday. If there is a social gathering in the evenings, two or more panels can be opened for entry and exit so the area is not crowded.

Should you need more information on our bi-fold doors, talk to us. Get a free consultation for different types of bi-folds for your urban home.

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