Choosing uPVC window restrictors for child safety: Why is locking critical?

VEKA’s security audit for your home. 

Home security is of utmost importance, and a good quality locking system is a vital accessory for windows and doors. It adds value to the other high-tech surveillance systems. Locks are the most logical preventive measure to stop strangers or stray dogs from entering your private space. Families with young children need to choose the right uPVC window restrictors.

Home security is of utmost importance

VEKA offers this informative post to highlight locking needs and provide a security audit for the appropriate preventive measures. If you live in a high-rise, uPVC window restrictors for child safety are the ideal solution.

What does a child restrictor do?

Children under the age of ten years are very energetic and do not care about their own safety. The benefits of installing uPVC window restrictors for child safety include:

  • A child will not climb the window. It helps to keep them from falling out while playing with a ball or catching any other toy that leaps outside.
  • The restrictor or locking system protects the windows installed in the child’s play area or room.
  • Window restrictors do not open more than 100 mm. So a curious child cannot open it fully, which is vital to avoid accidents.
  • Restrictors do not stop the ventilation, as windows remain open to let the air flow easily.
  • Strong windows are not easy to break into as well, and a restrictor enhances all vulnerable entry points.
  • During monsoons and summers, they stop home invasions of insects, mosquitoes, and bugs from entering easily.

It is important to do a timely security analysis of all entry and exit points to the home. This includes the need for any upgrades to windows and doors. New locks keep appearing on the market which are harder and stronger. They operate automatically or manually and are designed for multiple window and door types.

VEKA offers time-tested options for you to choose the right uPVC window restrictors. You can also have handles with key lock for added security. We guide you through our product line to get the right uPVC window frame and locking system that go well with your child’s safety needs. It will alert you to the best one, which will stop an attempted break-in. We have suitable locking systems for the front door entry as our friendly professionals explain the mechanism involved for operations.

VEKA offers this informative post to highlight locking needs

Selecting a tough glass should be a homeowner’s first choice for the windows. Even if children are playing outside, the ball does not crack the window panes easily. We use thick material with a double layer to ensure cracks do not appear with the impact of any other object banging on it. A smart window pane does not open fully when a restrictor is added as a strong feature.

A home with little kids can also be secured with the use of blinds and curtains. They add value to the locking system and provide privacy. Glazing options are also available that allow light to enter but obstruct outsiders from looking inside. We also have windows with inbuilt grill option for safety. We provide locks which can be used with keys or in-built ones which can be twisted. As children grow older, they may try to twist the locks themselves. Hence, you will need to figure out which configuration will be apt for your home.

As a serious security audit, we conduct a recce at your home to understand which window restrictor will be suitable for your child’s room or for all the other rooms. You must use the right type with other updated high-tech measures. Let us know how we can make your home a safer haven for the children.

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