Can uPVC French doors open (180 degrees) outwards in a rustic farmhouse?

Grandeur of an outward opening

How would you like to swing the French door open for better accessibility? If you consider your rustic farmhouse a “castle,” we’d like to restore its old-world charm with some tiny recommendations. Oversized and grand entrances create an aura of refinement to your plot’s exteriors. Do you want to know how uPVC French doors for rustic farmhouses generate an impact?

VEKA is a renowned uPVC French door manufacturer in India. As experts, we have changed the overall classic looks of several homes in rural locations for our clients. Along with the technicality and functionality, this post will enlighten you about creating the magic in your rustic farmhouse on a good budget.

uPVC French door manufacturer in India.


Background Information on French doors:

They began to get popular as far back as the 1600s, when country houses were adorned with backyards, frontal patios, or kitchen gardens. Since then, they have evolved and continue to be an important element in rustic homes to this day. They are the best option to let air and light enter every room. These multi-panned gateways are now fitted with uPVC material, which enhances the standard features. They come in various styles, with different glass (glazed & double-glazed) textures. The earlier versions had simple sliding options. The new uPVC French doors for farmhouses have better mechanisms for swinging. Other than this influential feature, the focus remains on security, perfect views, energy efficiency, and wind resistance. These are ideal factors for a traditional home in the countryside.

Where should larger-than-life French doors be introduced?

Well, any space is good enough, so long as it can be fitted with ease for entry and exit. The fixture is best for exteriors, where a grand opening is possible. Therefore, the kitchen is one place where it can be fixed, which leads to the outer garden area where organic vegetables grow. Of course, if there is enough space from the dining area leading to the front garden, it can be a perfect choice. They can be a natural extension if you have a cosy den that can open outside. You can simply stroll outside if you work in the den.

Now that we have given some ideas about where they are placed, how about knowing the construction and materials that are used by our experts? We also give a guarantee on its durability for years to come.

If we are designing the product for a rustic home, wood finish is a natural element used for the framework to maintain its old-world charm. This material is sustainable and also suitable for rural areas.

uPVC is the right feature


The biggest choice that needs to be made is the glass that will be fitted. You will need to opt for the one that offers a visually appealing look on the outside. It should also be able to cancel the noise coming from outside if the home is situated in a gated community. The right layering is also essential to secure the steady framework. A double panel or glazing with uPVC is the right feature to make the fixture energy efficient. The glass panels should also allow light to filter inside and provide privacy.

Swinging doors towards the exterior are prone to outside elements. They should have sturdy features so that they last a long time. We recommend cleaning the dirt and debris in the Frames so the operations and movements are not affected. Hinges should be tight and of good quality, as they will be used frequently.

Our experts also advise on keeping the glass clean regularly for better views. Right from a single swinging action to (double) multiple large entry points, we can make it a reality for a rustic or urban home. To find out more about the 180-degree-swing, do speak to our professionals.

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