Will an openable uPVC door lead to better sound insulation over the sliding door?

Why listen to VEKA professionals before installation? 

It is quite a challenge to decide which door will be the best to keep the silence in a noisy space. For people living in homes where the sound of traffic is loud and decibels continue to rise even at night, it is time to choose between an openable door or a sliding door. We can help you deal with this problem with our expertise as uPVC door manufacturers in India.

uPVC door manufacturers in India

VEKA’s professionals are engaged regularly in explaining to clients about reducing noise to make a home or office appear more pleasing. We understand how noise enters and disturbs the peace and offer affordable solutions as uPVC door manufacturers in India. With our advice, you can easily reduce 75% of the issue. 

Noise cancellation technique for a door

  • Source of sound 100 decibel
  • Ideal door position to resist the sound waves
  • Room inside receives only 55 decibels
  • Calculated frequency of sound has to be measured before installation

There are several kinds of noise that we can be affected by, and windows and doors are the best ways to cancel the disturbance. When softer materials are used, sound energy enters a room. Hard surfaced tiles will ensure that the disturbance is reduced. Similar principles are applied when it comes to soundproofing a door or window. In the case of a sliding window, the transmission or movement of sound happens through a medium or connection.

Prevention is done by identifying the gaps where the clatter is likely to enter. There are products and materials that absorb the sound. Whenever it (the sound of traffic or strong winds) comes in contact with the door, the motion results in vibrations. The louder the sound, the greater the vibration on the rattling door or window. Hence, resistance is essential to bring closure and peace inside.

Does the openable uPVC door give a better performance?

The fact that uPVC material is being added gives the homeowner relief in the choice of such a door. It adds all the features that are required to get peace. Even offices in commercial areas can opt for it, as sound has the ability to travel in various ways inside. While ceilings and floors also contribute to noise levels, doors and windows are the main culprits.

To identify the elements that allow sound waves to escape, we look at the existing fixtures.

You can also block sound from going outside if you are a musician, so that others do not get disturbed outside.

Blocking is also used to keep the temperature inside balanced. A hollow door has to be replaced. If necessary, gaskets have to be fixed. If it is sliding, then the air gaps have to be tightened. Using a Laminated glass or double-glass seal will absorb the noise as it is insulated.

VEKA is engaged with architects

If you live in the city, the need for insulated doors has become a necessity, without which your physical and mental health will be affected. Sleep disorders and performance anxiety at work are common due to the continuous clatter in the environment. If you are exposed to more than 80 decibels daily, it could be detrimental to your overall health. It impacts sleep cycles and, in some cases, results in hearing loss. By installing our products, the decibel levels are reduced by 95% (perception level of human ear). The air vacuum chambers trap the sound waves and also improve thermal efficiency.

Are you still thinking about it? Choose either an openable uPVC door or a sliding one which has the resistance quality. If you are running a clinic or hospital, investing in this option will help patients to recover faster.

As customised openable uPVC door suppliers in India, VEKA is engaged with architects, contractors, and office and homeowners to soundproof their properties. If you are fed up with the noise and regular disturbance, it is time to contact us. We can bring back the peace and quiet environment you need at work and at home.

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